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Message Posté par davefollmers le Mer Mai 02, 2018 07:30 Répondre en citant


I'm going to law school next year, and I'd like to work in the airline industry when I graduate. If there's anyone here on the board who's familiar with this particular aspect of the industry -- and I'm sure there is -- I'd really appreciate any advice and guidance you can provide.
These are my general career goals; please feel free to point out the elements that are unrealistic and/or improbable.
I'd prefer to work in-house at one of the airlines, but beyond that, I'm not too sure how most airlines have their legal departments set up. How large are they for, say, Continental or American? Is a lot of work performed by outside firms? How much specialization is there among the attorneys? At this point, I'm particularly interested by the negotiation of aircraft deals, as well as regulatory issues. But if airline attorneys aren't so specialized, well, I think I'd be pretty interested by most aspects of the business. And depending who I work for, there's probably a pretty good chance that I could put any classes on bankruptcy law to good use at some point.
My eventual aim would be to move into senior management. Should I get an MBA as well? I may be able to get one concurrently with my law degree, though I suspect I'll probably need a couple more years of work experience. Either way, would that be worth doing?
Well, I'm obviously pretty naive about a lot of aspects of this business, so I'll shut up now and listen. I would sincerely appreciate any advice anyone sees fit to dispense.

Please help.

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